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Weak Force

In the Face Book group:
The post headline was 'Fundamental Forces' with this in the text:
from the post:
Charged particles only carry electrostatic force, therefore all forces matters carried must be an electrostatic force in nature. Same charges repel each other, opposite charges attract each other.

Strong and weak force are imaginary, never can be measured or calculated. If there is a strong force that can make protons stick together, there must be a strong force carrier, and it must be negatively charged. If there is a weak force, what is the force carrier? What is its charge?
my comment:

Be careful with 'all forces'.
Does a nucleus need a 'carrier' when protons and neutrons are adjacent? Is the weak force really a force? For a given number of protons they tolerate a number of neutrons. If there are too many neutrons those excess neutrons are forced to get rid of an electron to suit the 'family' so is this a 'weak' force of or an observed behavior of intolerance in a nucleus?

I added a smile emoticon.

I did not add this observation:
[ The weak force seems to be a behavior of the strong force holding the nucleus together rather than a completely separate force with its own name. ]

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