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Case Against Dark Matter

The post headline:

The case against dark matter

The story had a caption below a figure with M33 data:
The rotation curve of the galaxy M33 shows the rotational velocity of the galaxy as a function of distance from the center. The measured values clearly deviate from the expected curve, if the only matter in the galaxy were the visible matter in the disk. Thus, astronomers have long posited that additional material, dubbed dark matter, is responsible for the curve.

My comment:

Interesting figure for M33 rotation.

The galaxy does not rotate as expected by the model.

'It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong.' Richard P. Feynman

The theory (or model) is clearly wrong as shown by  this observation.
Galactic rotation is complex. The Sun's orbit in the Milky Way is known to be disturbed or 'non-Keplerian.'

Instead of fixing their model shown to be invalid, cosmologists keep the bad model and instead claim there is dark matter causing the deviation.

If the model is not fixed then there is no progress but instead cosmologists proceed as if all is understood and handled by their models.
This is no better than the 'science' of astrology.  Astrology is for entertainment. Cosmology is supposed to be a science using the scientific method. It is not, as shown in incorrectly addressing this M33 anomaly by keeping a bad model.

These scientists found including M31's magnetic field improved their model.

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