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Milky Way Core Quiet

The post headline:
Magnetic field may be keeping Milky Way's black hole quiet

My comment:
This is the abstract for the paper being referenced from a document for AAS234-sessions

316.05 The Spiral Magnetic Field in the Central 5 Parsecs of the Galaxy

At lamda about 50 microns, the most prominent feature in the inner parsecs of the Milky Way is the rotating, irregular Circum-Nuclear
Ring (CNR) which demarcates the inner boundary of the molecular gas that is likely spiraling in toward the supermassive black
hole. The gas is magnetized, with previous estimates of field strength exceeding 1 milliGauss. We present new observations of the
polarization and inferred magnetic field structure of the CNR and vicinity, made at lambda  = 53 microns with the HAWC+ instrument
on SOFIA. These observations show a spiral magnetic field on scales of 0.5 - 5 pc, with organized components, but mostly lacking
the 180 degree symmetry of existing magnetized accretion disk models. We discuss estimates of the magnetic field strength from
the 53 micron data, the relationship of these data to observations at shorter and longer far-infrared wavelengths, and interpretation
of several of the magnetic features observed.

As this is just the abstract there are no figures.

From the abstract's description I expect to see a rotating ring around what they believe is a SMBH. This ring would be from an accretion disk.

I found the attached article has an image in this area in infrared, with a field of only 1pc. I wonder if the far-infrared looks similar to infrared.

What I see in this infrared image is a twisting electric current, indicated by its magnetic field, with several  'bright stars' observed with its path (perhaps the current in/out of arc mode in infrared?).

A search for 'milky way chimneys' returns views in X-ray of the core with large plasma 'chimneys' above and below the core, very nearby or probably less than 5pc, but both chimneys show a diameter over 100 pc.

In an X-ray image with a field spanning > 200 pc there appear to be a pair of birkelund currents, called chimneys.

From the EUT view this scale clearly shows a source for synchrotron radiation.

This far-infrared study zoomed into a narrow region < 5 pc and apparently found a small electric current generating its own magnetic field.

Is this a case of looking at a tree but missing the forest?


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