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Einstein Ring

The post headline:
Hubble Telescope Discovers a Light-Bending 'Einstein Ring' in Space

The caption below the image:
The graceful arcs at the center of this image from the Hubble Space Telescope are actually the distorted light of distant galaxies, twisted to form an "Einstein ring" by the gravitational influence of the closer galaxy cluster SDSS J0146-0929.

My comment:

I wish I had known of this ring before my June 2 post about rings and arcs.
A search for images of this cluster results in a higher res image from an Italian site.
There is much interesting structure in this ring around the central elliptical galaxy. There are nodes at 4 o'clock, at 10, and a huge node at 8.
Near the top right corner of the image there might be a faint Hoag's Object, perhaps the most famous ring.
These rings are great, not illusions.

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