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Early Black Holes

The post excerpt:
About 13 billion years ago, when our universe was still just a scrappy startup, the cosmos hit a creative streak and churned out supermassive black holes left, right and center. Astronomers can still sneak a peek at these relics of the early universe when they look at quasars, incredibly large, outstandingly bright objects thought to be powered by old black holes billions of times more massive than Earth's sun. However, the very existence of these ancient objects poses a problem. Many quasars appear to originate from the first 800 million years of the universe, long before any stars could grow big or old enough to collapse under their own mass, explode in a supernova and form a black hole. So, where are these old holes in the fabric of space-time coming from? According to one popular theory, maybe all it takes is a whole lot of gas.
My comment:

These illogical time lines never make sense. The claims are not consistent.
Everything involves mass disappearing from the universe into these supposed SMBH which are so common they are left,right,center of every point. Clouds of gas with the mass of the Milky Way go directly into a SMBH. The claim is a SMBH  is very easy and quick to form.This is supposedly in the early universe but there is no definition of SMBH having different vintages with changing behaviors.

All of this destructive compression of mass was claimed to be in the early universe. The removal of all that mass meant the universe was losing mass to create more galaxies later. The SMBH is a 1-way singularity (mass in a geometric point in spacetime, never to return to real space).

Quasars are driven by synchrotron radiation. Instead the claim is SMBH. Again this SMBH needs an accretion disk to generate X-rays because the SMBH can do nothing but be a geometric point with gravity. These many black holes are removing all that gas and dust from the universe so there is none for disks.
It is quite illogical to claim the early universe had numerous SMBH removing so much mass from the universe and then later the universe is able to create galaxies from gas and dust,

The galaxies are also claimed to harbor SMBH and with the contradictory claim a galaxy forms around the SMBH.

The story cannot be everything is disappearing into SMBH but later there is still substantial 'loose'  mass to create billions of galaxy clusters. Each galaxy in every cluster is again claimed to have SMBH at its core which contradicts the story these SMBH remove all the mass surrounding them.
A geometric point that still exerts gravity violates physics. These stories violate simple common sense with so many contradictions.

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