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Cosmology Tolerance for Deviation - C&A Response

The C&A post got this comment:

 It's not deviations of individual stars that lead cosmologists to speculate the existence of dark matter. Entire galaxies rotate faster than they should, there's more gravitational lensing than there should be, and the distribution of gases in colliding galaxies lead them to suspect there is matter we don't see.
Now, It is entirely possible that there is some fifth force responsible but since matter we can't see fits multiple observations that's what many cosmologists are going with to try to detect and model.
My response:

Thank you for pointing out what I missed - about these wrong assumptions. How do we know for certain how fast galaxies rotate? How do we know how many lenses there should be? How do we know there are too many collisions? Dark matter is offered to explain what we claim is 'wrong' but we have no basis for our 'right' condition. We cannot rationally claim dark matter explains a difference when we cannot justify there IS a difference.
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