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 Universe Image by Serendipity

from the post which included an image and link from ESA:

The purple lines and blotches scattered across this image show something incredible: all of the X-ray sources that were serendipitously detected – that is, not intentionally targeted – by ESA's XMM-Newton X-ray space observatory from 2000 to 2017. While the pattern of sources across the sky may appear random, some structure can be seen here. See:

my comment:

Serendipity? Someone was looking for a new catchy word for silly stories. This image puts the plasma universe on display, or electric universe on display if you prefer.
Chandra has had many news stories about its X-ray observations, including images.
X-rays are in the broad spectrum of synchrotron radiation.
Chandra has found X-ray point sources in galaxy cores just like the plasmoid in M87 (in X-ray). The story mentions fantasy sources like black holes.
Chandra has found X-ray filaments in galaxy clusters which are plasma in currents.
Chandra has found X-ray diffuse sources in galaxy clusters indicating the intergalactic plasma is electrically excited, generating this radiation even in X-ray.

This collage of many Chandra images is by 'serendipity' ??

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