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 Red Shift Energy

From the post:
 When galaxies accelerate away from us, the photons emitted from them are redshifted... aka doppler effect. I understand this with sound waves, but with photons if you increase the wavelength, it decreases the energy (E=hc/lambda). But the problem is where that energy goes to? With sound you decrease the amplitute of the wave, but the same cannot be said for photons. Does the energy that is lost contribute to more acceleration ? Whats your thoughts on this?
' [sic]

my comment:

A possible explanation: A transfer of energy.

A red shift or a blue shift involves an atom in motion so it must have kinetic energy.
An emission line is the energy from the electron shell change, from higher to lower.  An absorption line is the atom absorbing the wavelength's energy moving to a higher energy shell. To conserve energy the combination of kinetic energy and the wavelength energy (+or -) before and after the emission line or absorption line must be the same. The energy of the emission or absorption affects the atom's kinetic energy, or its velocity, by a tiny amount. The red or blue shift affects the wavelength energy.

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