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  Logic of the Universe

The post excerpt:
How was the Universe created according to logic?

Logic is the accepted axiom of causal events based on a priori assumptions about the subject of logic.
Logic of the origin of the Universe:
Facts as casual events:
The observable Universe space consists of various forms of real energy. Energy in the form of matter has a positive or negative charge. There is a law of conservation of energy in the whole observable Universe. In the Universe space there are quantum fluctuations, or instantaneous generation of energy in a space with zero total energy effect of this phenomenon.
Infinity and nothingness are complementary beings that do not exist separately.
A priori assumptions:
Any form of known energy and matter for its existence requires the existence of space. The concept of infinity and nothingness does not apply to the observable Universe.
Logic of a priori assumption:
Space is thus an a priori being for the possibility of the existence of known energy and matter.
Infinite space is an a priori being necessary for the possibility of existence of any being.
Because infinity does not exist without nothingness, so the a priori infinite space must have at least one point defined. The point is only information in the form of coordinates in space without dimensions, i.e. it is a geometric nothingness in infinity.

my comment:

The universe is everything. It is not logical to assume it was created. That assumption implies there was nothing before the universe was created, so this something, the entire universe,  was created in the nothing.

By logic, if you start with everything you cannot create another everything. There is no before or after everything.
An attempt at logic using cause/effect is confronted by the sequence where the universe is not always being the universe, or everything.
This is readily apparent to anyone familiar with Tao but probably not to those who are not.

To create the universe according to logic implies starting with no universe which is an illogical start just by the definition of universe.
This is not conventional but conventional thought treats 'our universe' as separate from the 'real universe' which is everything.

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