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  Parallel Universe

the post:

A bit about the multiverse. This one discusses the Everett/Many World's Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics and String Theory.
< included a link to a video titled: True Science of Parallel Universes Unveiled >

my comment:

The concept of a multiverse clearly demonstrates physics leaving behind reality.

By definition the universe is everything. There cannot be more than one 'everything' at the same time.

Minkowski is given credit for the term and concept of spacetime, a mathematical structure describing the observer's distorted frame of reference when approaching the velocity of light. At the time c was considered the absolute speed limit through light was known to be propagating electromagnetic fields with a fixed velocity and with no mass.
Minkowski used a light cone to classify events as spacelike or timelike, implying events needed interpretation in different contexts. Relativity followed after Minkowski, with some changes by Einstein to that foundation.
Relativity inserts a mathematical structure (spacetime) between the observer and the physical universe. That physical universe was described by Newton and Maxwell without an intervening mathematical structure.

The concept of a multiverse is easily described by multiple spacetimes. There is only one physical universe but mathematical structures have no limit. Another step can follow this abstraction where the laws of physics can be proposed to vary within these different spacetimes. Technically each spacetime is a mathematical structure but it can become an assumed representation of physical space.

A multiverse is a fun topic for science fiction but it does not make sense in classical physics.

There have been proposals where subatomic particles do not behave as expected and an intervening parallel universe is the cause. This proposal is no different than proposing a magic trick.

The video has a statement like 'mathematical structures can be separate universes' clearly repeating what I described above.

A mathematical structure is used to describe something but this mathematical structure is not real. A multiverse is not real.

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