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  Neanderthal  and Evolution

the post:

The idea of human evolution lives or dies with the question of whether or not there is any rational way to think that humans are descended from hominids. It turns out, there isn't any such way. Humans and hominids provably cannot have arisen under the same set of conditions, or even on the same world.
The post included a link to youtube video titled 'Nature of the Neanderthal'
my comment:

I agree there appears to be no evolutionary connection between neanderthal and humans.
I will point out here a problem interpreting evolution. Someone just posted a reference to Earth in Upheaval, a book about catastrophic evolution.

Evolution is marked by adaptation to a changing environment.
After learning about a neanderthal it sounds like a few chimps migrated to the harsh conditions of Europe and successfully adapted, passing their adaptation to their offspring. Anyone looking for a pet dog or cat knows physical and social traits are passed to offspring. The same with house plants.
Another example is the chimp and bonobo. The two species are on opposite banks of the Congo and never mix. They adapted different enough to get separate species with the bonobo having a more slender build. The interesting adaptation between the two species is the chimp tribe is male dominated with control maintained by dominance and violence while the bonobo tribe is female dominated and order maintained by intimacy not violence.
The proliferation of new species in a tropical rain forest is due to the complex environment enabling many unique adaptations.

The critical missing step in the experiment with 600 generations of fruit flies was the environment did not drastically change to force an adaptation.

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