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Exceed the speed of light

the post:

Nothing can exceed the speed of light.
Or can it?
Speed is the relationship between distance and time.
If time stands still at light speed then we just can't measure speed for the absence of time.
So is it our limit of expression as opposed to the actual physical limit.
Or if time ceases to be relevant then does distance too?

my comment:

The neutral hydrogen emission line is a reliable indicator for the relative velocity of that atom. That emission line is used to monitor the rotation of the hydrogen gas atoms in a spiral galaxy.
A quasar has an extreme red shifted hydrogen emission line, often exceeding c or z > 1. That indicates that atom is moving faster than the speed of light. It is a red shift so the transient velocity > c is toward the quasar core. The velocity of that atom is not the velocity of the quasar behind it.

A hydrogen atom is observed to move faster than light.

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