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Halton Arp  - Young Matter

the posted comment:

So far I have not seen any serious counterarguments to Halton Arp's notion of young matter running at a slower clock rate and then speeding up with time. That theory also explains the data just as well as cosmic inflation, and it can be scientifically tested.
Have you seen any serious reply to this idea?
my comment:

I prefer a conventional explanation, perhaps EUT related.

The red shift of the hydrogen emission line seems valid in all other cases, like checking a galaxy rotation with hydrogen atoms.
I propose the quasar red shift still conforms as well.
I assume there must be a mix of electric and magnetic fields involved in accelerating a hydrogen atom to superluminal velocities. It is certainly not gravity.
Arp observed these velocities appeared to be quantized.

I propose that quantized behavior is part of this 'circuit' whose electrical parameters change over time but in increments.

When a Seyfert ejects 2 quasars with the same emission line red shift both share the same circuit parameters.
The incremental reductions in red shift come from a change in an electrical circuit which may or may not be related to the amount of time elapsing.

Perhaps the red shift is directly related to time but I propose it is indirectly related.

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