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Fast Star


Star was hurled across our Milky Way galaxy by new, unseen kind of black hole

my comment:
The observation and explanation:
A runaway star travelling across our galaxy at enormous speed was probably hurled from its cluster by a previously unknown type of black hole.
This silly conclusion is quite unfounded.

This scenario is just like Oumuamua, an asteroid observed on a trajectory not within our solar system.

With Oumuamua, we know of comets with unusual trajectories, so it is just accepted Oumuamua somehow passed through our solar system.

With this star PG 1610+062, we have no history to know whether this star is unique or not.

There is no admission of: we do not know yet if there are other stars also on such unusual trajectories.

I dislike the feeble 'MMBH did it!' explanation.

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