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Great Attractor

the post:
What really is the Great Attractor?

Like to see a great argument for the electric universe?
Check at 4:30 of this video on Laniakea 'The Great Attractor'
If that's not a clue, I don't know what is: <link to youtube video>

my comment:

The Great Attactor is the 'new' name for the Virgo centric flow.

I posted about the Virgo Centric Flow on May 13.
An excerpt:

from Wikipedia.
The Virgocentric flow (VCF) is the preferred movement of Local Group galaxies towards the Virgo cluster caused by its overwhelming gravity, which separates bound objects from the Hubble flow of cosmic expansion. The VCF can refer to the Local Group's movement towards the Virgo Supercluster, since its center is considered synonymous with the Virgo cluster, but more tedious to ascertain due to its much larger volume. The excess velocity of Local Group galaxies towards, and with respect to, the Virgo Cluster are 100 to 400 km/s. This excess velocity is referred to as each galaxy's peculiar velocity.

This 'excess velocity' means the red shifts are higher in the Local Group compared to the Virgo Supercluster.
This is a big problem for an expanding universe when closer galaxies recede faster than those more distant.

new comment:
With the red shift of the hydrogen absorption line affected by intergalactic hydrogen densities, then variations between clusters are likely to cause differences in the red shift to velocity relationship.

The Great Attractor is offered to explain this mistake with hydrogen absorption line red shifts.

The GA is unrelated to EU. The name is just a poor attempt to explain these excess velocities, assuming the GA is caused by gravity.

Someone offered this simple response:


My response:
The observation is closer galaxies have an excess velocity over more distant galaxies.
All red shifts are geocentric. Red shifts provide no perpendicular velocity value.

There is no detail available to determine the location of the Great Attractor in any other vector than in line with these galaxies.

The misleading term 'Great Attractor' implies there is a known vector in a specific direction toward a specific point.
There is no such vector.  Everything is simply away from Earth. It is impossible to create this vector for GA.
When plotting the direction for each velocity, all motions are diverging and can never converge; they intersect only here on Earth.

Another comment added by me:

After I exploded an object into many fragments, I could record the relative velocity for many of the fragments.
I expect more distant fragments are slower.
If that were the case I must decide what caused the slowing with distance. A likely explanation is air friction.

In the case of the Great Attractor, the observer knows gravity from Earth is not causing the observed distribution of velocities. (The expanding universe is explicitly geocentric)
Instead the anomaly in the distribution is explained as somehow caused by the distribution of matter in that direction. The anomaly is caused by the wrong interpretation of red shifts.

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