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Beauty of God's Design

The post:
We breathe what the trees breathe out, and they breathe in what we breathe out, Forever overwhelmed by the beauty of God's design...

my comment:

The other way to look at the world:
The adaptability of life on our planet is truly amazing.
Perhaps you never read Earth in Upheaval by Velikovsky, a partial story of cataclysmic evolution.
 The Permian period, which ended in the largest mass extinction the Earth has ever known, began about 299 million years ago.
the very first mammals [appeared in] the ensuing Triassic period.
Therefore, from around that time the proliferation of life forms has proceeded to what we observe today in a very different world.
Evolution proceeds by success simply because any successful adaptation is passed  to the next generation.
When there is little climate or geological change then few adaptations might arise. When big changes occur, either life adapts successfully or that genetic path terminates. Dinosaurs failed to adapt.

Plants and animals have evolved a symbiotic relationship with oxygen and CO2.
Many life forms survived the ice ages.

The tropical rain forests provide such a complex environment a multitude of adaptations can be successful. We continue to find new species, each a successful adaptation. I doubt that, at any time in these millions of years,  new species are being dropped on our planet by someone outside the Earth. That proposition suggested by the post, presents a question that must be answered: can life on this planet adapt or is an outside force required for the complex ecosystem to survive?

The person who did the post commented:

I feel no shame in professing belief in God.) It is visually stunning to me the similarities in anatomical, botanical and electrical systems. I'm sure there's something wrong with the way that I expressed that, and you people with nothing better to do can spend the rest of the day formulating lengthy critiques. As for me, I like it cause it's "purty!"
My reply to her:

I never intended to imply shame. No matter how far humanity advances there will always be religion. A personal attribute is whether chaos in nature can be accepted. If not then the person's tendency is toward being more comfortable with a hidden hand behind the chaos. The alternative is being uncomfortable with uncontrolled chaos.
There is nothing wrong with either tendency. People are different. I agree fractal patterns are fascinating.

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