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Black Holes are Not a Fact

the post:

Kind attention: David Michalets

The post included a graphic of an artist's rendition of a black hole, with an overlay: Black - Hole - Fact; below the image was:

In 1915, Einstein's theory of relativity predicted the existence of black holes first.

my comment:

Since you posted explicitly to my attention I will reply.

I assumed most people join this Electric Universe Theory group to learn about the Electric Universe theory.
Clearly that is not your motivation, by this post which declares black holes are a fact.

Why did YOU join this EUT group?

We had exchanged comments and replies about the gravitational force. Instead of continuing that sequence, you posted this - so now no one else in EUT knows the context.

I will partially explain why the relativity theory is not a fact, as claimed, so here you can learn about EU.

excerpts are from Wikipedia.

The basis for relativity:

Johannes Kepler published his first two laws about planetary motion in 1609, having found them by analyzing the astronomical observations of Tycho Brahe. Kepler's third law was published in 1619.
Kepler's laws are not based on gravity; there are no masses in any of his original equations.

Newton's law of universal gravitation was formulated in [Isaac] Newton's work Philosophić Naturalis Principia Mathematica ("the Principia"), first published on 5 July 1687.

Isaac Newton modified the equation for Kepler's third law to include the two masses involved in the ellipse.
 The [Maxwell] equations are named after the physicist and mathematician James Clerk Maxwell, who between 1861 and 1862 published an early form of the equations that included the Lorentz force law.

Historians suggest that the [Lorentz] law is implicit in a paper by James Clerk Maxwell, published in 1865. Hendrik Lorentz arrived in a complete derivation in 1895, identifying the contribution of the electric force a few years after Oliver Heaviside correctly identified the contribution of the magnetic force.
Before Maxwell and Lorentz the only recognized force to affect motion was gravity.

That is the context for relativity.

In relativity the path of the observer can be distorted called spacetime curvature.

The only force recognized by relativity to affect this path is gravity.
Relativity is based on mid-19th Century physics.

Relativity introduced its own new problem, a black hole.

With a very large mass the theoretical result is the spacetime would curve and collapse into a point in this distorted geometry. This is only a mathematical construct. Unfortunately cosmologists made the mistake by treating  the observer's geometry as something real. It is not but the consequence is that mass must exist in a geometric point which has no size in physics. This means this mass in zero size has infinite density.

A black hole cannot exist in physical space simply because it exists only in the observer's reference frame.
For a black hole to be seen in the universe the observer must actually move to that mass so their spacetime collapses to a geometric point at that mass.

To claim there are distant black holes being detected is actually not justified by relativity or by physics.

In the Electric Universe, the forces of electric and magnetic fields are recognized.

Modern cosmology is slow to learn but there have been recent studies with M31 rotation, which after including the galactic magnetic field, concluded there is no need for dark matter.

Dark matter does not exist in the Electric Universe.

Black holes do not exist in the Electric Universe.

Relativity is not just assumed to be a fact in EUT.
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