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Hindu Concepts Seen at CERN

The post:

Kind attention: David Michalets

Kindly refer to Prem Patra Part II. A Force Current which created the Regions of Agam Lok, Alakh Lok and Sat Lok cannot be seen by any manner. These regions are Infinite as compared to the Regions of Brahmand and Pind.

A story was attached below, with the title: Dark matter mystery: CERN results hint at evidence of 'new physics'

my comment:

Since this is explicitly to my attention you must explain to me what your post is about.

What are these forces and regions you mention?

I found these references to your terms in the post:
Prem Patra (English: The Love Letter) is a 1962 Indian Hindi-language romantic drama film produced and directed by Bimal Roy.

I also found this:

The Pure Positive God Worlds is a God Realm beyond the Soul Plane next contains a level of heaven called the Alaka Lok.
I found this in a reference for Brahmand and Pind, credited to you as the author:

Brahmand Desh (Spiritual-Material Region) — Known part of the universe.
This is also known as subtle material region.
Pind Desh (Material-Spiritual Region) — Known part of the universe.

Are you actually proposing Hindu spiritual concepts are applicable to observations by CERN??

The person doing the post never responded me.

Someone else replied to me:

uh, yeah, have you read the rig veda? Or any of the vedic texts? You'd be silly not to see scientifically relevant context. Arrogance is often the problem in the scientific community. Many of the stories are relating to energy/plasma and vibration.

my response to him:
Since Velikovsky is part of the EUT heritage I have no doubt there are relevant passages.
It has been far too many years to recall his references to Vedic texts.
Certainly Anthony Peratt has connected ancient observations to plasma phenomena.
Perhaps Peratt studied the Vedic texts being mentioned here.
The posted article is about CERN looking for dark matter which is known to be invalid in EUT.
From the post lacking details I could not make a connection.
I might ignorant about Vedic texts but this post did not provide anything to enlighten me.
Do I have to apologize for never reading ancient texts from India?
I feel 'arrogance' is the incorrect term for not learning about the proliferation of cultures on this planet. I trusted Peratt and Velikovsky to do what is difficult given my background.

his response:
great response. No need to apologize for not reading vedic texts. My response was based only on how you ended your comment. The vedic texts can be interpreted as many things stories, historic events, to the standard model and to EU. I love reading, religious books are as close to fiction as I'll get, philosophy is my favorite, politics and physics are close 2nd and 3rd.
I often find arrogance/ego to be the exact term in the exact way I phrased it. But it wasn't a jab at you, just in general. I meant collectively thinking that all who lived before were significantly less intelligent/less informed
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