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Myth of Gravitational Lensing

The post included the Thunderbolts video  having the same title as above.

My comment:

I disagree with only one part of this video: the conclusion all observed rings are due to light bending around an intervening object.

I propose in many cases that ring is real, not just bent to be seen there.

After looking through many images there is a consistent pattern.
The rings or arcs of a ring are always observed around an elliptical galaxy, They never appear around a spiral galaxy.

I suggest each ring or its arcs is a plasma filament in a ring around an elliptical galaxy. When not a complete circle but the radius is maintained then the plasma is switching between arc mode and dark mode.

An example of this is Abell S1063.
I propose the observed arcs are real in many cases. There is no bending of light to form the arcs in the incomplete ring.

Perhaps some rings are seen due to bending. I question the claim of all.

However there is a pattern with the rings with an elliptical galaxy at circle center.
I am suspicious about coincidences.

To see if my perceived pattern with an elliptical is valid, a collection of images is in this web page.

It has a long set of objects including both a link to the object's story and a link to just its image.


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