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Nobel Prize in Physics 2019

the post:

A link was provided to a BBC story titled 'Cosmic discoveries win Nobel prize in physics' with their 3 pictures shown.

my comment:

My thoughts - I am appalled James Peebles was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics 2019
Attached is an interview (< 5 min.) so he says in his own words why he got this year's prize.

From a Philadelphia CBS channel 3 news story:

excerpt ===
The Nobel committee said Peebles’ theoretical framework about the cosmos — and its billions of galaxies and galaxy clusters — amounted to “the foundation of our modern understanding of the universe’s history, from the Big Bang to the present day.”

From the interview if I can paraphrase: I [James] proposed something unknown and scientists are trying to detect this unknown but we cannot know which experiment will reveal this thing called dark matter which has no definition. No one can know where or how to look for this unknown. At about 1 minute he says observations are important because they could prove a theory wrong, but he goes on to say measurements can be empty (!?).
In the middle of the hypothetical wandering, at about 2:50 the interviewer says "beautifully said."

my comment:
I did not appreciate his eloquence about dark matter.

I am appalled by this lack of the scientific method. His phone interview did not help his case.
James proposes dark matter explains the formation of galaxy clusters.

The scientific method  is:  create a hypothesis with a testable experiment. If the experiment fails the hypothesis is wrong. It takes only one test failure to identify a flaw anywhere in the justification for this hypothesis . If every different prediction passes then the testing must  continue to verify all hypothetical results.

The test for a hypothesis must define the initial conditions and describe what are the expected behaviors of the system without the hypothesis (called a null hypothesis), or no dark matter.
If the null hypothesis cannot be tested then it is logically possible to conclude the actual hypothesis can never be tested by an actual experiment. Without testing the null hypothesis there can be no valid test of a prediction.

James Peebles failed completely with the scientific method. It is impossible to define a null hypothesis for galaxy clusters at billions of light years. It would require billions of years to follow the future evolution of each cluster but there is absolutely no data for any cluster before its first observation. The null hypothesis is impossible when lacking all data.  Any experiment cannot distinguish between no dark matter and the proposed dark matter.
James also defined no observations to test his theory.

Instead scientists are searching everywhere so an observation may or may not be dark matter.
In his interview he recognized observations are important but he provided zero ways to observe his hypothesis.
With that neglect  there is no possibility of testing the validity of his hypothesis, but he was rewarded with a Nobel Prize.

I am appalled anyone associated with dark matter could get a prize based on literally bad science.
Perhaps one will be disappointed to see such bad science rewarded but prizes like this reveal why modern cosmology must be fixed.


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