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Spiral of Light

excerpt from post:

-Spirals of Electro-Magnetic light, for what else is there to describe a massless structure in constant motion in terms of how "energy" really moves that's connected to everything?

Well, you could perhaps say god without being incorrect but in that case electricity would probably still be described rather correctly as something like the letters that make up the language that we as hu-minds use to read the motions that your god inhales and exhales between our physical reality and those 2 (!) imaginary dimensions known of as heaven and hell. Or should I call em for what they electrically are in regards of imaginary [reactive] power that are resonating in terms of a cool capacitors potential and a hot electrical induction current?

my comment:

Light is the propagation of synchronized perpendicular electric and magnetic fields.
A collapsing electric field generates a magnetic field.
A collapsing magnetic field generates an electric field.
There is no structure for these EM-fields.
The energy in light is proportional to its frequency so the light source transfers energy through the range of frequencies emitted.
The energy of the light is in these E-M-fields.
When the light hits something the energy gets transferred to that object.
The light does not need a connection, like a wire, because the E-M-fields continue their propagation without gaining or losing energy.

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