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C as Cosmological Constant

excerpt from the post:

There is a controversy that I cannot understand. If the speed of light is a cosmological constant, more I would say is law. But you can travel faster than the speed of light approximately 300,000 km per second, in the vacuum of the cosmos. How is it possible to know the true universe instantly, that is to say in the present tense. An easy to understand example is the assumption that the Sun will stop shining for approximately 8.5 minutes, which is the time it takes for its light to reach our planet.
my comment:

The velocity of light is a measured value. It is the velocity of the synchronized perpendicular electric and magnetic fields which we see as light. This measurement is important for equations for electric and magnetic fields or the famous E=mc^2.
It is considered a constant for physics because of the importance of these E-M fields.
It is not a speed limit for mass as confirmed by quasar red shifts at several times c.
Therefore it is not really a cosmological constant because objects in the universe can and do exceed this velocity.
Relativity is wrong to treat c as a speed limit for mass. If cosmology also makes that mistake, then treating c as a cosmological constant is also a mistake.

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