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Great Gamma Ray Burst Wall 10 Bly long

the post:
10 Billion Light Years The Biggest Thing in the Universe - The Great Gamma Ray Burst Wall
A video was provided from the site SEA. Details about this Wall are provided.

my comment:

The big problem here is obvious by its repetition: quasar.
The important missing item: the spectrum from any source.
Quasars are known for their superluminal velocity observed in a hydrogen lyman-alpha  emission line.
It is critical but sometimes forgotten this velocity is of the atom not the more massive quasar behind it.
This mistake is compounded. The red shift is treated as the velocity of the quasar and this velocity is converted to a distance using Hubble's constant.
The result is the quasar gets an incredible distance based on an atom.
From the video it sounds like quasars are used to define the distances to the ends of this wall structure. These distances are wrong so the claims for the wall's distances are wrong.

The spectrum is important to note whether wavelengths being detected are from a broad spectrum source of synchrotron radiation or an emission line shift.
The hydrogen lyman-alpha  emission line is in ultraviolet (10^-7m) while X-ray is 10^8, a wavelength change factor of 10.
I expect the references to gamma rays are never to an emission line.

I expect all this high energy radiation including gamma bursts are from synchrotron radiation, a broad spectrum of wavelengths.

Excerpt from the  European Synchrotron Radiation Facility site:
The entire world of synchrotron science depends on one physical phenomenon: When a moving electron changes direction, it emits energy. When the electron is moving fast enough, the emitted energy is at X-ray wavelength.

The quote omits the magnetic field causing the direction change; light is synchronized electric and magnetic fields.

X-ray wavelength is 10^-10 while gamma ray is 10^-11, an increase of energy by a factor of 10.

If electrons with high kinetic energy are diverted by a magnetic field they will radiate a broad spectrum with the minimum wavelength (highest frequency or energy) dependent on their energy.
The video describes bursts in gamma rays implying: synchrotron radiation coming from a plasma filament conducting this strong electric current that bends its path and emits gamma rays.

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