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Correct Rules for Using Absorption and Emission Lines

Absorption lines and emission lines are from intervening atoms and are never certain to be physically part of the object in the line of sight so:
a) Absorption lines are only an indicator that element is in the line of sight to that object; no other conclusions are valid.

Even if some number of atoms are connected there is no way to be certain in each case. The correct decision is avoid a possible mistake; otherwise the mistake might be found only after conclusions were drawn on what became bad data much later.

b) the quasar hydrogen emission line red shift is
1) a relative indicator of the plasmoid's energy capacity. The quasar red shift will decrement over time as its energy is expended with its periodic jets of plasma, neutrons, and hydrogen atoms.
2) unrelated to any motion of the quasar in the line of sight.

c) other emission lines are an indicator that element is moving in the line of sight to that object; no other conclusions are valid.

The hydrogen emission line is used to monitor the motion of the hydrogen gas clouds in a spiral galaxy arms; the emission line is used for only the atom, never for the galaxy in the line of sight with the atom.
Emission lines for other elements must treated the same as only data about the atom.
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