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Sea of Inflating Bubbles

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ALL is connected, united. R process and S process? Connected, united. Not 2 separate, absolute processes!
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Did our cosmos emerge from a sea of inflating bubbles?

excerpt ===
 The two groups found that the expansion of the Universe is not slowing down at all, but speeding up! Kirshner’s former students Adam Riess and Brian Schmidt, as well as Saul Perlmutter at Berkeley, shared the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics for this discovery. The supernova data indicated that there was something different and unaccounted for in the make-up of our Universe. Those results also suggested something strange about cosmic geometry: the Universe that we know might be just one of many different cosmic bubbles that could live independently – or that could, under certain conditions, interact and even destroy each other.

my comment:

Yesterday I posted the topic:

Supernova Luminosity Curve Stretching in Time Updated

the post is about this Perlmutter study.

They alter the supernova light curve by the assumed universe expansion and their technique is not valid.

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