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Spot a Wormhole

the post:
How to spot a wormhole (if they exist)

my comment:

Some day this wormhole fantasy must go away.
The uses of a wormhole are multiplying and getting more ridiculous.
Spacetime is not a magical 4-D contour map of the universe where the observer picks the 3-D coordinates in space and also a time coordinate and so the observer can move to that 4-D coordinate combination. Time is not a dimension one can move along, by picking a coordinate.
Time is an incrementing count used for monitoring motion and for monitoring changes in molecular bonds, which are not instantaneous, in chemistry.

Thermo dynamics describes the conservation of energy; these energy transfers (and everything involved with them) are not reversible by changing a time coordinate.
Collisions convert kinetic energy into thermal energy; these energy  transfers and the conditions of the collision are not reversible.

This silly study is pure fantasy. It is not even 'theoretical.'

In relativity, a black hole is maximum spacetime curvature down to a geometric point in the 4-D coordinate system being distorted. A point in geometry has no physical size, neither do lines or planes. Nothing in a coordinate system is real; it is used for describing positions. To excuse the misuse of geometry concepts in physics this geometric point is called a singularity so this 'thing' can have mass in it with infinite density.
Because a point has no physical size the black hole, disregarding physics, suggests the mass causing this 4-D coordinate system disruption is also collapsed into this geometric point.
A non-physical geometric point has an infinite capacity and so an infinite amount of mass can be proposed as being in this non-physical geometric point.

This study proposes the force of gravity passes into a black hole singularity, which is considered a possible wormhole in spacetime, and in some physically impossible manner affects another mass located at some other 4-D coordinate in this magical spacetime's 4-D map of the universe.

The author of this study is a professor of physics but this study is a work of pure fiction.
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