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Light Wraparound

the post:
partial excerpt ===
 If the universe is smaller than we think :- As per one theory, the universe is even smaller than the observable universe as the photons of light might be on their second or third rounds to us causing us to see the same objects over and over again but with their historic different appearances and conditions / status of millions and billions of light years apart causing us to believe that we are looking at different galaxies / clusters when its the same galaxies and galactic clusters but with inevitable changes. :- Again, like point no. 2, doesn't affect us a bit as we can only tap the resources available on earth.

4. Our universe is one of the many finite / infinite bubble universes :- Doesn't affect our lives a bit unless we can find a way to travel to other 'universes' through 'worm holes' and even if and when we are able to travel, then what ? There are sure signs that we don't reach a Disney land or a Fantasy land or something even close to our near expectations.

5. There are finite / infinite number of multiverse :- Again, Doesn't matter to us if we can't 'reach' them !!

my comment:

The statement "photons on light might be on their second or third rounds to us causing us to see the same objects over and over again" makes no sense.
Light travels in a straight line unless diffracted by a change in medium, a behavior defined by the medium's diffraction index.

If light is making multiple rounds in the vacuum of space and yet there is nothing to divert its linear path in a vacuum. However despite that knowledge some suggest the 4-D coordinate system of space time can take on a curvature to be open or closed or some geometric shape.
Light travels in a straight line and will never follow a coordinate system, or a geometric shape.
However I define my coordinate system, or define a coordinate system for the universe, when observing light the light will travel straight.

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