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Predictions submitted to LIGO for November 2019

the post in LIGO Scientific Collaboration facebook group (posted Nov 9 at 1 pm):

So November has been quite a month already for @LIGO @ego_virgo and #GravitationalWaves - and we're only 9 days in so far!!.... What's still to come in the next 3 weeks? Watch this space(-time)! (And don't forget you can follow our #GravitationalWaves alerts on #Chirp)

my comment on November 10 at 10 am:

There will be LIGO detections between November 10 and 14, between November 21 and 25, between November 24 and 28.
There will be several other detections before and after these narrow ranges. I was late with this prediction but detections were already reported on November 5 and 9.

Since LIGO began reporting detections it reports them in clumps with more in each clump in the O3 run (less in O1/O2).
For example in 2017 August 14, 17, 18 had detections.

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