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Denying Moon Landing

the post:

Can anyone outright prove to me that we went to the moon or do most people trust everything their government tells them  update for the people who don't know who the Apollo 11 astronauts are - Apollo 11 moon landings

my comment:

Apollo missions brought back rocks. They were unlike any on Earth disproving the theory the moon is just a chunk of the Earth.
I feel sorry for anyone denying the moon landing. That was an awesome achievement for human ingenuity - to build a huge rocket to launch enough hardware to get 3 people all the way to the moon, land a craft there for a visit to collect a few rocks and then launch again to return and safely land. There were so many problems to solve and yet with the substantial risks only 3 astronauts died, on a launch pad during a test.
To deny the moon landing is to deny that humanity could accomplish that feat within a decade.

What a sorry attitude...

Someone else responded with:

Ask yourself do you believe in LIGO, Black holes, dark energy and dark matter? Do you believe in the big bang theories? even better the EU u believe in this?

my response:
Interesting mix of unrelated efforts!
Cosmology is clearly broken with its dark/black stuff. EU is an alternative to replace the broken science of cosmology.
The efforts to launch the many manned missions into earth orbit and then to moon have nothing to do with cosmology.

Astrophysicists still don't understand the Sun but NASA can launch the Parker probe to the Sun which might eventually enlighten those certain about the gaseous Sun.

In my opinion it is wrong to mix mistakes with successes and then consider all of it is an illusion.

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