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Pursuing LIGO

I took a step in the pursuit of LIGO accountability of its claims.

I sent two emails to the National Science Foundation and its office for transparency and accountability.
NSF provided the funding for LIGO. NSF is a candidate for a source capable of seeking accountability in its projects.

The first email justified my conclusion LIGO does not detect gravitational waves (GW); it detects moon events. The project ignored this possibility. LIGO does not confirm their detections match the claimed source.
The predictions (with historical statistics) and their confirmation by LIGO GW detections are described.
The LIGO Scientific Collaboration site posts and my comments to those posts are included.
That site can be checked for my details.

The second email referenced the online posts and videos by Sabine Hossenfelder, a popular PhD physicist.
She brought LIGO to the attention of the international community by questioning LIGO's claims.

She also referenced a news story in Deutsch detailing a controversy about the GW detection which resulted in LIGO getting the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics.
The story claimed a rare gamma ray burst was observed and then LIGO created a GW event to match the observation and claimed its detection was before the observation.
If this story is true then NSF should know of this deception.
At least NSF should check its accuracy.

I don't know whether two emails from an individual from somewhere in the world will be read and whether their information will be reviewed to discover the suggested consequences.

I am not optimistic but I am hopeful. Perhaps it takes just one step to begin a basis for a necessary change.

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