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Cosmology group in Facebook rejects my post about relativity

Response from Cosmology group admin on October 17, 2019 to my post about relativity earlier that day:

An admin declined your pending post and sent you details.

You will be able to see these details until Oct 31, 2019.

Additional notes from the admins

your assertions have been invalidated by observation. relativity has been validated 100 years, and throughout the 100 years has been validated again and again. even the image of the black hole and recent detection of gravitational waves validate it.


I had a post to this group on July 18 (about black holes) go to pending status then disappear. I noted  that event, after waiting a week to make sure it was gone.

This time the admin in this group had the courtesy to explain the rejection.
I know with Thunderbolts links I could confirm my assertions but I did not bother.
I added those references in a comment to my post of this topic to the Cosmology & Astrophysics group, which had accepted the post.

The slogan of the Cosmology facebook group is:
Learn with us.

I believe reading counter arguments is helpful in checking whether my conclusions are correctly justified. I beware a sense of absolute certainty because that means one is now closed minded.

If I am prevented from reading any other view then I am sheltered from information which can help me learn.
Censorship cannot possibly help anyone learn.

If I read about all the confirmations of relativity over 100 years I might learn something even if I disagree with the conclusions. The Cosmology group does not follow that (open minded) practice.

The Cosmology group's slogan should be: Listen to us.
With a subtitle: We know what you should not read.

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