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Reformation of Cosmology Step 2

The reformation of modern cosmology will require many steps but the first is obvious:
Get rid of everything named dark and black.

Step 2 is almost as obvious:
update our understanding of the closest star: the Sun

A web search for "robitaille condensed matter sun"
should find several documents.

1) the pdf titled:
Forty Lines of Evidence for Condensed Matter — The Sun on Trial:
Liquid Metallic Hydrogen as a Solar Building Block

This 50 page document from 2013 lays out the case a) against the fusion model with a gaseous Sun and b) for a electric sun model based on condensed matter in the form of liquid metallic hydrogen (LMH).

2) the pdf titled:
The Liquid Metallic Hydrogen Model of the Sun and the Solar Atmosphere IV.
On the Nature of the Chromosphere

This 16 page document from 2013 explains the solar atmosphere observations with this model.
This paper has an interesting quote from Kirchoff in 1862 suggesting the Sun probably has a solid or liquid nucleus.

In youtube, search for "sky scholar star types"
This should find the video titled:
Different Star Types? The HR Diagram Explained!

This 3.5 minute video begins a series about star types and the LMH model.

In youtube, search for "sky scholar mass-luminosity"
This should find the video titled:
Presentation at Ohio APS-Mass Luminosity

This 19 minute video also discusses the H-R diagram and the LMH model.

APS is the American Physical Society.

The Sky Scholar Channel in youtube offers many excellent videos on the Sun and thermodynamics.
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