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Explaining Red Shifts

the post:
Anyone got any plausible explanation of the Hubble Red-shift if everything is not moving away from us?

my 2 comments:

On October 25 I posted the correct rules for absorption and emission lines. This silly geocentric universe expansion comes from analyzing a spectrum wrong.

If the October 25 post had too much detail, the simple explanation is all red shifts are assumed to be a velocity of the object. However absorption lines and emission lines are from intervening atoms not the object behind the atoms. That is the first mistake; the second mistake is treating them as the object's velocity when they are not.
The third mistake is assuming all red shift velocities can be converted to a distance using Hubble's Law with Hubble's Constant which defines the rate of expansion.
The result of these mistakes is everything is zooming away from the Earth at the center of the universe with the more distant objects zooming even faster. All of these velocities and distances are wrong.
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