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Disproving Claims

to Overturn Modern Cosmology

Science is an accumulation of knowledge.

Claims can be made, with apparent confirmation, but subsequent observations and new evidence can reveal those claims were mistaken.
The problematic theory which was the basis for a falsified claim must be revised for science to advance.

Modern cosmology is afflicted with many false claims.
On February 9, I detailed them (as a calamity) and how EU addresses them.

Crothers has addressed relativity and black holes. Crothers and Robitaille have addressed a better model for the Sun and stars. Thornhill addressed the big bang, neutron stars, and gravitational waves. Scott addressed both dark matter and the Electric Sun. Dowdye addressed gravitational lensing.

Since I just passed another birthday (which is incredible for me after events in 2016), I felt inclined to point out some outside of Thunderbolts try to contribute to this effort of fixing cosmology. I have been posting to this EUT group for nearly a year in an attempt to help from an independent perspective.

LIGO claims to detect mergers of black holes and neutron stars.
On November 14, I falsified that claim by predicting GW detections with the predictions confirmed. Every LIGO claim is false because their claimed waves have a terrestrial source, not astrophysical. LIGO and their merger descriptions have no evidence.

There is still no solid evidence for the existence of either the BH or NS in the universe. Those claims are invalid.

Cosmology makes many related claims including a big bang, universe expansion, dark energy.
On January 21, I identified the many errors in the paper claiming confirmation of accelerating expansion. This paper's claim was a mistake; nothing was confirmed.

On February 21, I falsified the claim at the very foundation of this set of related theories about expansion.
Galaxies and quasars cannot exhibit the Doppler effect. The claim a galaxy exhibits the Doppler effect from its motion in its spectrum  has no evidence. The observed spectrum reveals motion of only intervening atoms, through absorption and emission lines from the atoms.  The individual stars can exhibit the Doppler effect, but never their galaxy. The distinction is crucial.
The claimed velocities of galaxies and quasars are not justified by the evidence, or simply the claimed values are just wrong. Any theories based on redshifts are falsified.

With these posts (with their unpublished research papers), I have made claims based on the current observational evidence.
New evidence is required to overturn my claims. For now, the foundation of popular cosmology with its reliance on redshifts is lacking evidence and is false. Little of the overall theory of basic cosmology remains valid.

Eventually, most theories in popular cosmology must be abandoned and replaced, as described in the February 9 post.

In 2012, Henry Bauer published a book titled "Dogmatism in Science and Medicine"

Much of modern science is driven by dogma (where the experts in a position of authority dictate what to believe), not by evidence.
To overcome dogma, a change in the authorities is required, or a change in the source of their power. Conflict of interest (with its resistance to change) is the fundamental problem with the persistence of dogma.

Bauer's book describes this as a problem in modern science but cosmology is also in this inefficient state.
The solution to this problem is not apparent.

Please forgive a need to express an opinion.

The following exchange followed after the post:

1) this  comment :

“ could you explain to me why a galaxy can't display a Doppler effect? From what I understand there are galaxy's that show the spectrum shift from red to blue and is interpreted as the rotation direction. And also there are spectrum shifts that show some galaxies could have different layers inside and outside rotating in different directions. Like birkeland currents but it's explained by collisions of galaxies. At least by some Cosmologists. When you have time I would be interested to hear your theory. Thanks “

2)  my response:

I tried to explain all the details in my paper titled "Clarifying redshifts"


Consider a galaxy with 1 billion stars.
Each star has a spectrum spanning UV to infrared, slightly X-ray to radio.
Depending on the viewing angle of the galaxy a unique combination of stars and dust is summed resulting in the galaxy spectrum. No galaxy has an intrinsic spectrum; it depends on the observer's view.
Currently, absorption lines are used - the reason why  the velocity is wrong; these velocities are from atoms.
To detect the Doppler effect in a galaxy, or extracting the overall motion of all its stars, the observed summation must be compared with the correct 'no motion' spectrum for the observer's current view to extract the motion. This  simply stated method requires defining the correct 'no motion spectrum. This 'no motion' spectrum t is theoretically possible but difficult to be reliable. Maybe I am too skeptical of modeling a galaxy by the observer's field of view.
The reason why Doppler effect works with a star surface is this spectrum has the wavelength distribution of thermal radiation. The exoplanet search's wobble method has a known spectrum that is being red and blue shifted.
Essentially a galaxy (defined by the observer's view) has an unknown base spectrum to detect the Doppler effect..

The rotation of a spiral galaxy comes from taking spectrum slices of strips of the arms or analysis piece by piece.. By extracting the emission line shifts to blue or red, the motion of the hydrogen gas clouds are found. Stars are not used, only atoms.

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