Culture and Religion

    The guide for society (and culture and religion) is important.
    This site expects the guide to be based on human nature, not on ancient scriptures or their interpretation.
    I was born and raised Catholic in a world view based on the Bible as the guide for society. The interpretation of ancient scriptures is not a stable foundation for society.  A stable foundation is one based on our understanding of human nature, learned via scientific investigation. Human beings have a social nature that is the true foundation for defining society.

    I started this web site because of creationism and continued because  American political and religious leaders were using the Christian religion to justify the wars in the Middle East. This message is emphasized throughout our media, with the ever present phrase 'God bless America' as if we want God's support during our campaign of dominance over competing cultures and religions in the world.

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    The Religion of AGW (6 + 25 topics of analysis)

    Creationism (6)

    My counterpoint to BreakPoint commentaries (40)

    The BreakPoint web site offers a Christian fundamentalist perspective on life, where interpretations of the Bible serve as the guide for society.  The topics in this TG counter from a world view with society based on our human nature.

    Comments on a blog about Progressive Christianity

    Various books for reference (3 lists)
    Academic publications about catastrophism(4 journals)

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